August 2017:

The following from a fellow “aquafit” class member, whose arm I adjusted after class.  I employed a technique I learned from Alain Gehin years ago, and which I have perhaps a dozen times used with almost miraculous effects for shoulder and associated range-of-motion, tension, and pain symptoms.  Often this influences head range of motion as well.  It is a simple 20-second technique, which according to Alain, “reprograms the shoulder.”

Dear Jim,

I am eternally grateful for your knowledge and skills.  I have had pain in my shoulder on and off for over 50 years, when I hurt it in a car accident.  I have been to many Drs. and I’ve received limited relief.  You adjusted my arm in February and 2 days later I was able to drive 1250 miles to Arizona.  I could lift suitcases without any pain, it was remarkable. It is now 6 months pain free and I can exercise, swim, and lift my arm without any pain.

I highly recommend you to anyone that has pain and wants to try an alternate to doctors and operations.  It is wonderful to be pain free, and active.  I can drive for long periods and not have throbbing pain.  I enjoy my life more now because I am pain free and have free movement in my shoulder. Thank-you again!

Sally Dodge


Gee.. I can’t believe how long it’s been.
Well, my anxiety is still completely gone. I suffered for over a decade with this weird free floating fear thing. It would linger in the background and well up from time to time for no good reason. Since that treatment, it’s all history now. Plus, I was able to bag the Xanax which I was on. And… I had these migraines, which I figure were a consequence of the constant low grade worry – well they’re gone too.
I think my hearing is acute as ever. However, it may be one of those things that declines so gradually, it escapes your notice until corrected all of a sudden – like a yawn on an airplane. I may get a chance to visit Seattle this year. If so I’ll drive up for a “tune up”.
I think you’ve got a real talent for this Craniosacral Therapy stuff! …
Regards, John  (See original testimonial at the end of this section)

The following is a statement after a single treatment:

I recently received bodywork therapy from Jim Templeton to help get relief from left hip and sacroiliac pain. As a massage and cranial sacral therapist myself I am critical of the therapists that I receive treatment from. I had never met Jim until our appointment. It was obvious once he laid his hands on me that he was focused and takes his work seriously.
Jim combined massage with cranial sacral techniques and tried a few new techniques to release holding patterns and achieve skeletal realignment. Jim took the time to get the desired releases. I had noticeable relief at the end of our session and in the 24 to 48 hours as my body adjusted to the bodywork, my pain and discomfort completely went away. Cranial Sacral therapy is powerful healing and Jim has the skill and compassion to provide this healing.

Jim Adcock LMP, 10/18/2005
Spokane, WA

The following is a statement from a client after her third treatment:

I worked as an RN for 40 years. As good as modern medicine is, they do not touch nutrition, and are by and large ignorant of Craniosacral Therapy. I had dislocated my left ankle, and shattered my left lower leg, leaving my leg in constant pain. Jim Templeton worked on my ankle and leg, and I am pain-free after 20 years. Too, I have much more mobility in the left ankle. It’s absolutely amazing!
Changes in these symptoms I noticed in the days immediately after treatment:
Too, I was depressed and suffered months because I said “I’m depressed.” Please don’t let pride stand in your way as I did–he can help; he did. Amen. Amazing.

I was given a stretch exercise to help alleviate pain/tightness in the ankle and leg.
I had constant ringing in my left ear for untold years–that time also CST cured me (Nancy in Great Falls).
CST is a vital missing link in modern medicine. Athletes have specialist & sports medicine. We all need CST as our special healthcare. It totally amazes me CST can seek out & cure so many problems…

The following is a statement from a client after 7 treatments:

I have a condition called dysautonomia. Before seeing Jim for treatment, I had been having bouts of debilitating fatigue, dizziness, and mental fogginess. I suffered lack of energy, had difficulty concentrating, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, fuzzy eyesight from time to time, and woke at 3AM almost every morning.

After the first treatment, I already felt some improvement in most of my symptoms. After just a few more appointments I’ve experienced continued improvement in almost all of my symptoms.

My low back pain has not returned and I now usually sleep all night. Also during one of my appointments I mentioned to Jim that I had a very bad sore throat and felt like I was coming down with a cold. He applied a certain technique to my neck and wrist, and by that evening all my symptoms were gone and I never caught that cold.

The following is a statement from a client after her second treatment at 81 years old.

Back spasms with pain, weakness; Shortness of breath; Short sleep intervals (2-3 hours)
(After treatment:) Back spasms relieved, pain greatly relieved. Breathing greatly improved.
Sleep time now: 6-7 hours, more rested. Improved bladder control. I feel fortunate to have visited Jim–so much relief.

Letter received from D.L. after 5 treatments::
Thank you very much for all your help, patience, & wonderful therapy.
you really helped me get through a very rough time. Those headaches
were very hard to deal with, so I’m a grateful patient! My back is
much better and I thank you again, for your treatments.

The following is a statement from a client after her first treatment:

My condition and symptoms prior to treatment:
Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia in 1993, I experience severe fatigue, muscle pain, most severe in neck, upper back, & hip region. But I do suffer from considerable pain everywhere. I suffer almost daily headaches, and pain from TMJ. Also experience severe pressure in the back of my head at the base of the skull.
Changes in these symptoms I noticed in the days immediately after treatment:
The session focused mostly on the neck as that was my #1 complaint. After the session, pain was reduced about 75% in the neck, and pressure greatly reduced. In the last few days, pain has increased along with pressure. But stayed well below level prior to treatment.
Home instructions, assignments:
Given 2 yoga stretches to help alleviate pain/tightness in the lower back.

This is a summary of results of treatment by Jim Templeton. I permit distribution of this, or parts of it, to interested parties, as well as in advertising. I hereby permit use of my name. I am willing to speak with interested parties. Signed (Dale R. Findlay):

My condition and symptoms prior to treatment. I had the following pains, limitations, and symptoms at the beginning of my treatment by Jim Templeton:

On June 2, 2001, an MRT on the neck showed spinal compression, cutting of (sic) oxygen and blood flow. This injury from work, heavy lifting, and trucking gave me dizziness, vision loss and needle pains in left eye. Both arm were heavy, numb, tingling, unable to grasp. Low back out, sitting, standing, lying down, no comfortable positions. Right leg to hip painful to press gas pedal. Dr. Baker, a chiropractor got a lot of the low back, legs to work again, but the dizziness lightheaded numbness and tingling. I was spacey, forgetful, clumsy, adrift walking, unable to even work around the house.

Changes in these symptoms I noticed after treatment:
After the first treatment, I experienced for the first time in a long while hands and fingers felt normal even after simple tasks. Head was clear, vision better (still changes a lot, L eye mostly). Feet and hands were warm (feet were blue and sore) motion in shoulders and neck increased. Mental sharpness and balance 50% better.

Other comments:

This works in injuries such as this. I do feel that you need to be in alignment. I took a lot of body pounding along with the lifting but a non physical job, this is a great way to get back to health. I’m grateful for Dr. Judith Huesner for her referral to Jim and Randi Moyer for their open-minded view on treatment without drugs. I do believe I’ll need these treatments or similar to this for the rest of my days to stay stable. Bone and muscle are worn down from 23 years at Kaiser, for this 5.0’ 125lb female. I can’t do this job anymore.

The following is an email from a piano-workshop student I treated for 10 minutes after class, in Jacksonville Florida. He told me that he had suffered from anxiety and sleep problems for some months:

Hi Jim,
Glad to see you made it back OK.

To answer your question, I’ve slept through the night, without waking up, every night since last Monday. I’ve been unusually (for me) calm and free of anxiety. The whole thing’s been pretty remarkable – something else happened too…

When I got home Monday, I noticed my hearing sounded a little distorted as if all the sounds were coming from a blown speaker. It continued to get worse for a couple of hours and then suddenly while lying in bed – poof – I could hear. I mean I could REALLY hear; sort of like when your descending in an airplane and you yawn and your hearing all of a sudden is restored.

Here’s what happened: I’m lying in bed Monday night about to fall asleep at my girlfriend’s and then unexpectedly, I hear something going on in the utility room way on the other side of the house. She can’t hear it but I can. At first I thought it might be a prowler, but after listening, I realized I could hear the hot water heater. I got up, went into the utility room and sure enough that’s what it was. The distortion was gone and I could hear the quietest of noises. I feel like a g—-m bat!

I’m not quite sure what happened to my head but I’m glad for the results. Now, I run a clean machine, so it wasn’t as if you dislodged some ear wax or something. Plus, I haven’t had a cold or sinus or anything; before this occurred my hearing was as good as it ever was; now it’s even better.

Go figure… Later, John